Real People. Real Wellness Stories

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Meet Domingo

Domingo’s an Account Manager from Subsea Drilling Systems at Generation Park. He turned to the TrestleTree health coaching offered by FMC Technologies for weight loss and cholesterol management. He wanted to improve his labs and exercise routine, so he and his Health Coach focused on developing a behavior change plan tailored to his likes and dislikes.

Because he used to enjoy running, his Coach found him a walk/jog program, and Domingo began going to the park every evening with his family. Soon he worked up to running two miles a day and even ran a 5k. Domingo then began mixing jogging and cardio with strength exercises at the gym at least three times a week. To address weight loss and lipid levels, he and his Coach have been working on healthy eating. In 14 weeks, he lost 18 pounds!

At his annual follow up, Domingo was excited to see that his triglycerides are now within normal range, and his 10 point cholesterol improvement (including an increase of four points in his HDL level) is bringing him close to normal range. Today, Domingo continues to work on mindful eating and looking into additional lifestyle improvements.

If you see Domingo, congratulate him on his incredible wellness progress!

Have a health goal? Check out our Improve YOU wellness program and find your well-being!


Expecting a Baby?

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Good news! You now have more time off to bond with your new baby through our parental leave benefit. This is in addition to any short-term disability coverage you may qualify for as a result of your pregnancy and is available for the birth, adoption or foster placement of a child. There are different options for your leave, so check them out and find the one that works best for you!


You Don’t Have Time for a Claim Dispute. Advocacy Services Does.

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You can usually handle matters on your own, but who has the time to deal with a dispute over a medical claim? Get some help by calling Advocacy Services through the FMC Technologies Benefits Service Center. It’s just one of a number of ways your personal advocate can help save you time and maybe even money.